With over 30+ years of experience in the construction field and in serving the Greater Los Angeles Area, we are able to offer you the following services:

» New Construction (Single Family & Multi-Family)

» Additions (Single Story & Second Story)

» Remodels/Upgrades (Exterior, Interior, Open Floor Concepts, Kitchen & Bathrooms)

» ADUS/Jr ADUs/Garage Conversions/SB9/Guest Houses (Accessory Living Quarters)

» Garages/Carports (Attached & Detached)

» Hardscape (Patios, Carports, Decks, Retaining/Property Walls, Paving, etc.)

» Tenant Improvements (Apartments & Commercial)

» Design-Build (Construction Plans/Permits/Expediting)

We are ready to serve all your building needs. We offer a full service that includes blueprints, permits and expediting so that you, the client, has less to worry about. By hiring Mauricio Construction, you are adding a team of experts with years of experience to your team that will guide you through the building process and ensure it gets done right and in a timely manner.

Why Hire Mauricio Construction?

Still unsure about us? Here is a five more reasons why you should consider Mauricio Construction for your next building project:

1. With over 30+ years of experience plus hundreds of projects under our belt, we have the knowledge and resources to get your project done right and within budget.

2. Jose will personally be at the site each day until your job is completed. We focus on one project at a time, which allows us to deliver quality work and great customer service.

3. Past clients not only recommend us for our quality work but also because of our ability to exceed their expectations and produce positive and beautiful results.

4. Unlike big construction companies who charge premium prices, work on several projects at once and subcontract everything out to substandard subcontractors, Jose will personally do a large portion of the work himself, ensuring quality work that not only meets the latest building codes but that is also visually pleasing. And work that is subcontracted out, Jose will inspect that it is done to our standards.

5. Undergoing a major alteration to your home can seem like a very daunting experience, especially after hearing all the horror stories from your neighbors. The building process can be very complex since their are several individuals required to get your project completed from design to construction (architects, engineers, contractors, city plan checkers, etc.). But don’t make the same mistakes you neighbors did, hire a professional contractor with great connections and referrals such as Mauricio Construction and it will save you not only in costs, but more importantly, it will save you time and lots of headaches.

Let Mauricio Construction assist you in pushing your building projects to completion. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the end product, we’ll take care of the rest. Schedule us today!